Ensemble Chameleon

Chaméleon, s. an animal that takes the color of whatever it touches, and is said to live on air.

The New Spelling Dictionary, Rev. John Entick, A. M., London 1783


Jennifer Harris, historical bassoon

Ulrike Becker, cello, viola da gamba

Barbara Messmer, violone, viola da gamba

Andrea Baur, lutes, guitars

Evelyn Laib, harpsichord

It is the aim of Ensemble Chameleons artistic director, Jennifer Harris, to create colourful and varied musical experiences, and constantly look for a language which will be relevant in our day and age, one which can captivate the listener.

It is because of this that the incentive arose to shape each concert in such a way, that the audience feels as if it is part of the action. Complacent musicians on a faraway stage is passé!